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Seattle, Washington
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2012. A Late Holocene High-Resolution Floodplain Stratigraphic Record from CA-SBA-1010, Lower San Antonio Creek, Vandenberg Air Force Base. Presented as part of the symposium Vandenberg Air Force Base Cultural Resources Studies, during the 2012 Society for California Archaeology 46th Annual Meeting, San Diego.


2011. Geoarchaeological Investigations Along the I-5 Bridge Crossing, Puyallup Delta, Tacoma, Washington: A Combined Lithostratigraphic and Allostratigraphic Approach. Presented at the 2011 Northwest Anthropological Conference, Moscow, Idaho.


2010. From Environment of Deposition to Habitat of Experience: Facies Analysis in Urban Archaeology.  Paper presented at First Thursday, October 7. Portland State University Department of Anthropology, Portland, Oregon.


2010. From Boreholes to Bulldozers:  The Effect of Scale On Geoarchaeological Field Interpretation. Poster co-presented with Clay Lebow, Applied Earthworks, at the 38th International Symposium on Archaeometry, University of South Florida, Tampa.


2008.  Spit Growth and Architectural Space of Shell Middens:  Three Case Studies in Puget Sound, Washington.  Paper presented at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Vancouver, British Columbia.


2007. Time, Pattern and Process:  A Geoarchaeological Perspective of the Puget Sound Shoreline. Presented at the 2007 Northwest Anthropological Conference, Pullman, Washington.


2006.  The Archaeological Significance of Paraglacial Landforms in the Puget Lowland:  An Example from Marymoor Park, King County, Washington.  Presented at the 2006 Northwest Anthropological Conference, Seattle, Washington.


1998.  Holocene Landscape Changes at Two Martis Component Sites in Martis Valley, Placer County, California.  Presented at the 26th Great Basin Anthropological Conference, Bend, Oregon.  October, 1998.


1998.  Inherited Landscapes: Preliminary Observations on Holocene Landform Evolution Along A Transect Through the High Lava Plains, the Northern Great Basin, and the Malheur River Canyon, Oregon, USA.  Paper presented at the 26th Great Basin Anthropological Conference, Bend, Oregon.  October.


1998.  Holocene Landscape Changes along Lower Mill Creek, Central Willamette Valley, Oregon.  Paper presented at the 63rd SAA Conference, Seattle, Washington.  April.


1998.  Co-Organizer, with Thomas Connolly (Chief Research Archaeologist, Oregon State Museum of Anthropology):  Culture and Landscape in the North American Interior West.   A symposium organized for the 1998 meetings of the SAA, Seattle, Washington.  April.


1997.  A Jamesean Perspective on Culture/Nature Dualism in Archaeology.  Paper presented at the Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference: “Evolutionary Perspectives in the Social Sciences and Humanities”.  Green College, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.  October.


1997.  Thomas J. Connolly, Charles M. Hodges, Guy L. Tasa, and Brian L. O’Neill.  Cultural Chronology and Environmental History in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.  Paper presented at the 50th Annual Northwest Anthropology Conference, Ellensburg, Washington.


1995.  Mud Drapes, Relict Surfaces, and  Archaeological Features: Microstratigraphy at Site 35-JE-51B, North-Central Oregon.  Poster presented at the 48th Annual Northwest Anthropology Conference, Portland, Oregon.