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Pacifc Geoarchaeological Services

Seattle, Washington
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Site- and reconnaissance-level landscape-oriented research


·         Soil, facies and stratigraphic analyses

·         Identification and description of buried soils

·         Reconstruction of landform histories based on soil-stratigraphic and facies assemblage analysis

·         Assessment of potential for buried archaeological materials

·         Retrieval and characterization of continuous cores during exploration for buried deposits using mud-rotary, hollow-stem auger, and vibracore drilling techniques

·         Monitoring of geotechnical borehole drilling



Site-level soil-stratigraphic description and interpretation


·         Graphical logs, profiles and section drawings of excavation unit exposures

·         Identification of cultural and natural site formation processes

·         Evaluation of archaeological site integrity including identification and characterization of   spoils and disturbed sediments

·         Threatened and sensitive site condition reporting



Technical report production


·         Compilation and analysis of technical data

·         Narrative discussion of findings

·         Construction of facies and landscape models using paleogeographic sketches, block diagrams and vertical profile logs

·         Field data appendices