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Pacifc Geoarchaeological Services

Seattle, Washington
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M.S., University of Oregon, 1996 (Anthropology)    Master’s Paper: “Evidence and Inquiry: Geoarchaeological Reconstruction and Oregon Coast Prehistory”


Graduate coursework in Archaeology and Philosophy, University of Washington, 1987 - 1989.


B.A., University of Arizona, 1986:  Philosophy

B.A., University of Arizona, 1986:  Anthropology.


Employment History   

2008-present     Pacific Geoarchaeological Services, Owner, Seattle, Washington.


2003-2008         Geoarchaeologist/Senior Archaeologist, Northwest Archaeological Associates, Seattle, Washington.


2001-2003         Geoarchaeologist/Project Archaeologist, Applied Archaeological Research, Portland, Oregon; and  Edaphos Research, Portland, Oregon.


1996-2001:        Owner and Geoarchaeologist, Edaphos Research, Portland, Oregon.


1996-1998:        Geoarchaeologist, Oregon State Museum of Anthropology, Univ. of Oregon, Eugene.


1990-1995:        Geoarchaeologist, INFOTEC Research, Fresno, California (Eugene, Oregon).


1975-1989:        Field Technician.


Professional Memberships

Geological Society of America

Cordilleran Section; Archaeological Geology Division

Society for American Archaeology; Geoarchaeological Interest Group

American Quaternary Association

Charles S. Peirce Society

Areas of Expertise and Professional Specialization

Far Western North America

Late Pleistocene and Holocene Geomorphology

Soils and Soil Geomorphology


      Archaeological Stratigraphy

      Site Formation Processes

      Landform History and Landscape Reconstruction

      Facies Analysis


Current/Ongoing Projects

CA-SBA-1547 Data Recovery, South Base, Vandenberg Air Force Base. With Applied Earthworks, Lompoc, California. Field investigations at site with 10,600 rcybp archaeological component were completed December 3, 2011, and report has been submitted.


Bear Creek Paleoindian Site, Redmond, Washington. PGS is working with NWAA/SWCA to prepare data recovery research design and excavation plan. Data recovery excavations are planned to commence after the Army Corps of Engineers permit review is complete.


King County Archaeological Sensitivity Model. With NWAA/SWCA. Landform and landsystem classification and mapping were inputted into ArcMap database. Submitted for review.


San Antonio Creek Restoration Project, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Santa Barbara County, California. With Applied Earthworks, Lompoc, California. Data Recovery excavations have been completed, and report preparation is underway.


Review of Western Washington Geoarchaeology. For Grant County PUD, Washington. Review of existing geological, archaeological, and geoarchaeological literature to assess potential for landforms and landsystems in western Washington to contain archaeological materials dating to the Late Pleistocene-Holocene transition (16-8kya). Particular emphasis is on landform settings with potential to inform on buried sites that may be of an appropriate age to determine direction of migration routes relative to LPH shoreline shifts.