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Pacifc Geoarchaeological Services

Seattle, Washington
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Please feel free to contact me, either by phone or email ,even if you're involved in a small discovery phase project without resources for a geoarchaeological component. I've seen or worked in a broad array of site settings, not to mention participating in numerous field trips with Quaternary geologists and soil scientists. Sometimes just chatting on the phone allows me to recognize potential for buried intact archaeological materials, and I can give you a heads up about what to expect, how deep you might have to dig, and maybe even suggest some methods for getting at the record depending on your resources.
If something does develop, I'm pretty flexible regarding working arrangements, though I do insist on collecting my own field data. Seattle has a very good transportation network, and it's relatively straightforward to be anywhere on the West Coast, interior Pacific Northwest, or even the northern Great Basin within a day. 
Pacific Geoarchaeological Services
Charles M. Hodges
206-941-1624 (cell)
1329 N 47th St., #31727
Seattle, Washington 98103